@ajb2k3 Well, this had nothing to do with the OS this time. But yeah, Ive had my own code, compiled as an EXE, promptly quarantined by the over-zealous anti-malware system. My employer takes security...very very seriously. To the point where software guys like myself get frustrated over things like this.

But still, it was unnerving to be contacted by our cybersecurity team on the other side of the planet, telling me I'd set off alarms from several thousands of kilometers away, just from playing with my new m5stack devices I'd received that day, and that I'd have to have my machine scrubbed.

But it looks like nothing has come of it, and was a false alarm. I'll just stick to using them at home instead of at work. I could never get M5burner to work through the layers of security anyway.

BTW, Ive succeeded in geting both UIFlow1 and UIFlow2 working on my Core2 AWS. I basically bought it to use with UIFlow1 until UIFlow2 is more complete. Now I can use all my "only supported by UIFlow1" bits, while UIFlow2 grows.