@gaviota said in Problems with the GPS-Module: And if you try to use the gps-module with the M5GO/FIRE battery module it won't work Therefore you have to remove the M5GO/FIRE battery module to get gps data form the gps-module. But the gps-unit works well. I think there may be a conflict with the uart of the gps-module and the M5GO/FIRE battery module? Dear Gaviota, I am glad to hear that the GPS UNIT (not GPS MODULE) worked well. I just want to confirm since I failed to make the UNIT worked. I used Fire with the battery base connected and the UNIT was connected to the UART Port C. The programming language was UiFlow. Could you explain more on this issue, how we can make the GPS Unit work properly? http://community.m5stack.com/topic/1798/issue-with-port-c-uart-of-m5stack-fire-finger-unit-ok-but-gps-no-good