Hi, I am trying to get MQTT to work on M5Dial, I started using uiflow2 and building myself, I have made it work in the past with a Core2 and UIFlow, but no luck yet with UIFLOW2 and the dial.

Using the M5Dial_WiFi_MQTT_UIFlow2.0.1 example from @felmue I can get it to work, but if I change the subscribe block to display the MQTT message, or to set a variable to get message(return bytes), I get the following error:

File "umqtt/simple.py", line 114, in connect
MQTTException: 2

Can anyone help?

Further info: I have found that this is actually from the broker side. If I restart the broker, it will connect fine, until I power cycle, or reset. The second connection fails.

Solution: I ended up changing libraries to PicoMQTT and was able to get everything working.