• Ok So I have a lot of sensors and controllers that use grove connectors but are not i2c

    I have the m5 go base

    Does this hub let me use more then one grove gpio device and overcome the limitations of only having one grove gpio port.

    In my case I have about 4 different devices and none use i2c



  • The I/O version should allow you to use 6 none I2C units. Mine has only just arrived and I have not had time to test it yet.

  • Ok. I am not interested in connecting up stuff using jumper wires. Primitive.

    I want the ability for every sensor or controller to connect using a physical grove connector

    So right now I have 4 to 5 existing sensors or controllers that use grove physical connection. Gpio not i2c. As an example I have 2 grove mosfet modules and two grove thermocouple modules. These are all non i2c.

    M5stack only has one grove gpio port.

  • @rob-biernat the Pbhub will allow you to connect 6 non I2C to one port with up to 127 other I2C devices (in theory) as long as they have different addresses. In fortunately you can only use one hub in stock programming at a time as all hubs output the same addresses. The grove analogue port available through the Pbhub can have both an Analogue output and input at the same time per port so in theory you could have 6 analogue sensors and six analogue mosfets connected to the hub at the same time. I have the go base which has I2C, analogue io and uart accessible and running both a PIR and a Relay unit off the one port.

  • I guess I will just order some and test

  • @rob-biernat I have some stuff so will try a test this weekend but something else I did think of is the power required to run lots of devices.