[NEW] UIFlow-Desktop-IDE not able to reset target

  • @ajb2k3 ...interesting....i haven't seen the screw kit on the M5Stack official Taobao store , i hope it comes out soon. I bought the Servo module there, M5Stack official Taobao store.
    Regarding the use of MicroPhyton, which IDE is recommended? In any case as i mention i plan to organize programming and robotic courses for children, youngsters and mainly non-tech adults so i have to stick to Blockly.... i really hope the M5Stack R&D team (i tough you worked for them) manage to stabilize the platform sooner than later. Thank you! JC

  • @jcabad100 UIFlow has micropython built in but you can directly access it over the USB in a terminal.

  • @ajb2k3 Also there is a blocky environment for Arduino but I don't know how compatible it is with the libraries.

    I buy all my stuff from the official Aliexpress store.