Global wide "One dollar for M5StickC" campaign results & 2 hours M5Stick-C competition

  • A couple of weeks ago, we have created a campaign called ‘One dollar for M5Stick-C ’, from which we have received over 200 e-mails with videos or photos of M5 work attached. We’d like to thank you for all the support that you’ve given us so far. You make this campaign a huge success. Thanks again for your participation, we appreciate the brilliant products you made with M5.

    We’d like to give back to you, include cheaper price of M5 series development kits, more tutorial videos from official channel, and more resources and documents to help you make greater products with M5.

    Here is the M5 works we’ve collected so far. We have attached the author name on the top left corner. If your work is not on the list, it might because you didn’t attach the video or photo on the campaign email, so make sure next time, sent us the email with the correct format and required content. If you did send the email with M5 work, and it’s still not on the list, First, we apologize for our mistake, please sent us your campaign email again and mark ‘Missing M5 work’ on the topic.

    M5 Work List collected from this campaign
    Click on the picture to watch the video:


    For celebration of the big succeed of ‘One dollar for M5Stick-C’ campaign, we have conducted an activity yesterday (2019/3/30) within M5Stack development team. We call it ‘M5Stack Mini Hackathon’ while the topic of this competition is ‘What you can do with M5Stick-C’.

    We set some regulations, one of them is, UIFlow is the only develop platform permitted. For those who haven’t heard about UIFlow, I’d like to have a brief introduction about it. UIFlow is a development platform permitted to use blockly and micropython language which is developed by M5Stack.

    The time duration of this competition is just 2 hours. After 2 hours, our engineers have to accomplish a demonstrable prototype made by M5StickC. Thus, we literally build up M5 products from scratch, in 2 hours.

    We had 3 teams and 3 members for each team. I’ve like to demonstrate what they have create with M5Stick-C together with UIFlow.

    Team #1: 3D Mouse

    Application Scenarios:
    Remote and 3D mouse control

    Used technology part:
    |:M5Stick-C:|, UIFLow, C#, IMU motion sensor, MQTT protocol, Uart to USB driver, PC program

    Functional implementation:
    Two Stick-Cs communicate with Mqtt protocol. One Stick-C for Motion detection, to capture the X,Y-Axis motion data. And send via Mqtt to another StickC which is connected to the PC via USB cable. Translate the motion data to the PC, and based on the data to move the mouse on PC.

    Click on the picture to watch the video:

    Team #2: Smart Cup
    Application Scenarios:
    To remind people drink more water.

    Used technology part:
    M5Stick-C, UIFLow, IMU, RTC, LCD screen

    Functional implementation:
    Embed a StickC onto the cup which is made by plastic, use inner IMU sensor to detect every time the cup is raised, counter plus one when the cup is raised, to track how often have you drink water for the day. If it’s less than a certain times, the screen will give you a notification to remind you to drink more water. Use RTC to limited the notification within a certain time duration.

    Team #3: Smart Home Curtain

    Application Scenarios:
    Allow the natural sunlight wake you up in the morning.

    Used technology part:
    M5Stick-C, UIFLow, Lego Motor, Remote functional Block on UIFlow, Web control, modify on UIFlow firmware.

    Functional implementation:
    A settable timer on web page is for setting the real time when to open the curtain, the time will be synchronous to the M5stickC. When the set time has come, the StickC will drive the motor to open the curtain.

    Click on the picture to watch the video:

    At the end of the activity, Jimmy has vote for Team #3. And members from Team #3 won the award -- BBQ ribs.
    That’s all for the M5Stack Mini Hackathon activity , it’s short but we did have a lot of fun.