Wifi with user name

  • My wifi setup requires user name and a password to be entered. Uiflow firmware is just asking for password, there is no input for username? How can I connect my M5fire in such setup?

  • When you connect to your wifi on a mobile or desktop device does a webpage appear asking you to input username and password to connect? If its a portal the only way to get around it would be to connect a computer, preferably something like a raspberry pi and create a seperate access point from that device

  • My connection does not lead to me a portal but it is WPA-Enterprise requesting both a user name and password.

  • currently there is no way to use m5stack with wpa-enterprise. Perhaps you could change your routers settings by entering its ip address in your browser, its usually something like,, etc.. depending on your router manufacturer

  • @lukasmaximus Thanks Lukas. Created a mobile wifi and tethered usb connection. Now it works. Sometimes it requires couple of tried to upload the code but it is ok.

  • @hetzer sorry you had to use your mobile phones hotspot to get around it. We will look into the possibility of connecting to wpa-enterprise hotspots. For now if you are a windows or linux user you can download the offline version by going to m5stack.com then clicking explore>download>desktop ide

  • @lukasmaximus Thanks Lukas. I had posted in another subject. The desktop ide does not allow me to create variable. I see the icon put does not open the pop up screen to name the variable.