Web IDE source code

  • Just got an M5Stack Basic and I'm very pleased with it. Straight in there and I've flashed new MicroPython onto it and programmed it as per the examples using the shiny Web IDE. However, I see on the Web IDE my SSID and password in the config.json file. Not exactly thrilled to have that on a cloud site. Besides it would be good to do all this on my local network anyway.

    I can't seem to find any website source code. Is that available? I'm pretty sure I downloaded quite a similar Web REPL from Espressif a while ago for a different product. I can now program that from my Raspberry Pi's web server in safety. It would be great to do that here too.

    Any thoughts? Anyone?


  • @mrwheeliebin Du to security issues the source for the web ide is not available for download however, the is an off line version available for windows.

  • Thank you for this. Actually I have now worked out how to do things via the command line now so all is well. :-)