Can't get new M5 FIRE to setup

  • Not sure if my device is newer than everyone else's, but other suggestions don't seem to apply (there is no UIFLow) and even the docs don't match my device.

    The device USED to power on with 3 choices: guide, game, and setup. In 3 seconds, it launches the game which is rock, paper, scissors.

    You press the setup button and follow directions to connect to WiFi. That works. HOWEVER, afterwards it resets (apparently by design) and never shows you the screen with the 6-digit dev code. No dev code, no usuable device.

    So, back to the 3 options. Setup will just re-reset up wifi. Game is game. So, guide it is! But all that does (besides some pretty run through of the M5 features) is connect to wifi and then end at a screen (and QR code) leading you to

    Well, I can't do anything on because I don't have a dev code to connect a device!

    And now, my little M5 Fire is somehow stuck where it ONLY boots into that screen.

    Google searches don't help on how to reset a fire or re-flash these newest M5 devices. Not that I should have to.

    I'll see if anywhere here can help, but my gut is telling me that the Fire firmware is not ready and I need to return it until they works out the issues.

  • @mikey-wetzel Try reflashing the firmware.
    Try this guide.