Help with IR Illuminator / power supply

  • Hello,

    I am new to the M5stack products and software stack. Please bear with my possibly naive questions.

    I am building a Computer Vision/Machine Learning box for night vision scenarios. I have already built and tested a single-board computer with a camera for video recording/processing, i.e., the Raspberry Pi 5. I want to add an array (or strip) of IR LEDs to flow in an indoor room and record in dark situations. I have found some simple add-ons for my camera that provide 2 850nm (albeit dim) LEDS, but the results are not good. So, I want to add an external IR Illuminator.

    My friend gifted me some m5stack RGB LED strips and I2C controllers and told me that I could explore the m5stack products to see if I could find some almost out-of-the-box solutions. I could not find something close to my needs.

    Can someone steer me in the right direction?

    • I want to add 6 940nm IR LEDs to my configuration, but I cannot power them from the same board input as they will start to drain the current.
    • I don't mind having an additional power supply for the IR LEDs array (similar to the one needed for the m5stack RGB LEDS).
    • It would be great if I could have only one power supply (USB C) and then fork it for the IR LED array and the single-board computer, but I don't know how to do this safely. Maybe m5stack has something like that.
    • Could I solder my 4 IR LEDs (with their respective resistors) similarly to the m5stack RGB LED strip configuration and use the same connectors and controllers?
    • I do not mind (although it will be great) the single-board computer to control or interface with the IR LED array; it could always be on.

    I appreciate your help.

  • You need to learn about the basics of electronics and ohms Law R=V/I That will teach you how to accomplish what you want. If you abuse a grove to DuPont lead then you can connect them with the leds but you will need to make sure you don’t draw to much power