Powering Core 2 using battery connector?

  • I'm looking for best and easiesti way to power Core 2 for fixed installation. Due to mounting frame and bases, USB-C connector is tight fit. And it's somewhat untidy and not very practical for this installation. Bus-power would be one possibility, but then, I need to get row connector and do some soldering, I'm using port-connectors for communication otherwise and bus connector would be power only (except for single base).

    JST/PHX-battery connector with wires are readily available and I have adjustable power supply for this project. Is there any reason why internal battery connector shouldn't / couldn't be used for connecting fixed PSU? PSU-board I have planned for this use is step-down based on LM2596-series, max current is more than enough (2A) and voltage can be adjusted between 3V to 30V.

    I tried booting with battery only, it works ok and initial firmware shows voltage around 4.0V for nominally 3.7V battery supplied with Core 2. It doesn't matter for this purpose, if device thinks it's charging.

    Theoretically, it should be ok to use battery connector for fixed suppy, with correct voltage of course?

  • The Best way is to connect the power through the MBUS in the underside
    alt text