mpy file upload errors

  • Hey.
    I am trying to upload a mpy file to the M5Dial, but every time i try it gives me an error. Or when it does work and i look at the file it is 0 bytes and everything has been removed (time wise it seems it is uploading). Have anyone had similar experience where file uploading acted wiredly?

    I have tried to find a pattern over the last couple of days and at first i thought it was if all the variable didn't have types, but even when specifying types the error still persists.

    I am using UiFlow2 v2.0.4, M5Dial software: 2.0.4-hotfix

  • @madsrassmussen Yes, I noticed this odd behavior starting in 2.0.3 and it seems to be a different odd in 2.0.4, but neither work as expected.

    When letting the web terminal do the upload, the named file under 'apps' is zero bytes and the file contents end up in ''

    In 2.0.3 I could download to my PC, rename it, and use web terminal file manager to upload it into the apps folder, and all was well.

    In 2.0.4 however, it almost seems like the device 'My Apps' menu/list is unaware of this file, even though it is listed. When selected the device runs the .py file listed after the one I selected instead.

    I've also had the variable undefined errors but I think that is a different issue. Maybe not?
    One example is copy/pasting the mpy code to a windows computer into say notepad.
    The device requires unix style line endings, not windows line endings. It also requires no blank lines to exist.
    (This is why I would copy the existing '', as it was already formatted correctly.)

    Otherwise, most times the upload just doesn't work at all. I too have not found a pattern or submitted a bug report due to this lack of info. I wasn't even sure it wasn't just me :)
    Hopefully someone more knowledgeable can chime in