M5 Dial and wired ethernet is possible?

  • Hello all!

    Is it possible M5 Dial extend with any wired ethernet module, like a W5500?
    I'm open to any solution.

    Thank you!

  • Hello @kokany

    short answer: not easily / not together with the display.

    Long answer: the issue I see is that the SPI pins used for the display are not accessible from the outside. This means it would need a second SPI instance using the pins available on port A and B. Unfortunately the M5-Ethernet library uses the first SPI instance hard-coded. See here.

    So yes, M5Dial can be extended with Ethernet, but not together with the display or one would need to modify the M5-Ethernet library accordingly.

    Please note: it's entirely possible there is another way I do not see right now.