Webburner & Plus2

  • Hello.
    Why webburner not containt M5 Stick Plus?

    I programmed my SP2 (Stick Plus 2 :-)) by Arduino (ok),
    and I have return to programming it by M5 Flow, BUT:

    • M5Flow connect to SP2
    • M5Flow webburner not have Plus2, programming Plus2 as AtomS3
    • M5 Flow can't Run or Download program to SP2 :-(

    This is not my first M5, I have several different ones - Core, Atom, AtomS3, AtomS3U...
    but only with Plus2 i have problem.

    And esptools not work on my computer :-( say: "Acces denied..."


  • You need to check your computer setup as something is missing or not accessible. Also web burner only works with chrome browser

  • 0_1711376961048_69f0eab4-a7c1-4beb-93d5-36b628dc6dc5-image.png

    Thanks for the hint,
    Unfortunately - regardless of the browser (Chrome,Edge) and computer it ends up as in the screen shot. But Arduino programs it fine, uploads and works.

    So I suspect that something is wrong with the uploaded BIOS, because in the list there is no M%Stick Plus2 (or any other stick) and it prompts me with AtomS3. Maybe I have something not loaded in M5Flow? I don't understand it.



  • go to m5stack and download separate M5Burner v3 so you have full list of devices and firmwares covered



  • @robski said in Webburner & Plus2:

    M5Burner v3

    Yes! Thanks a lot! :-)