• Hey all,

    I have a question regarding a project I plan.
    I do not have experience with the m5 stack but I have with various other ports.
    I am also not well experienced with I2c.
    From my background: I am a developer, and know various different programming languages and I also have a background in hardware development.
    But I think the M5 stack is perfect for my project because it does not require soldering, and that would help the users of my project to adapt.

    So my plan.
    I have ~10 different sensors to observe a small environment and this 10 times so roughly 100 sensors.
    These sensors I wanna read with an m5 controller but not yet sure which one, sensors I would prefer to connect over i2c.
    The m5controller I would connect over usb or lan with an raspberry pi for timeseries database and long term visualisation.
    Short term visualisation on the display of the m5controller.

    So my question what controller to use?
    How connect 100 sensors to the controller?
    What if the i2c sensors have same adresses?
    Do I need different hubs?

    For example I wanna use weight sensor, temperature, humidity, frequency… per environment.

    Regards Chris

  • Any controller will work, I have mine send to an MQTT server hosted on an RPI4.

    100 may work but you will run into power issues.

    If you have more then 1 I2C sensor with the same address, you will need to use the PaHub for the up to 6 sensors .

    You can connect more then 1 hub to the I2C bus but you will need to make sure you have different Hub address.

  • Ok thanx
    I ordered an M5CoreInk PaHub2
    And sensors.
    Now I have some more questions.
    I am able to read the I2C sensors.
    The pahub2 does not work yet, I have a conflict with one of the sensors. Need to solder a bit. But Q1: is there a library out there for PaHub2?

    I2c bus is already in use. I also wanna use the scale kit but I struggle to figure out which other pins I can use for the scale kit. Anyone who can help?
    Also I have seen there is a I2c version of the scale controller, I think I will order it because I wanna use more than one scale kit, or is this also with the original controller possible?

  • @idefixcert As long as devices have different address (and sufficient power) up to 200 devices can connect to the I2C bus (I think)