Core S3 - "Leaving... Hard resetting via RTS pin..."

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  • @maysun "Leaving...
    Hard resetting via RTS pin..." is Arduino IDE's awkward way of saying that the upload was successful \o/.
    After this message is there any image on the LCD?
    You might try a simple program with just a serial message, to test if it is working, but there is a LCD driver issue.

    //words preceded by "//"" are comments and are not executed
    bool ticktock;  //declare ticktock as a boolean flag
    void setup() {           //runs once on start up
      Serial.begin(115200);  //open the serial port for USB cable
    void loop() {            //runs in circles!
      ticktock = !ticktock;  //every pass through reverse the flag
      if (ticktock) {        //test current value of the ticktock flag
      } else {  //prints one or the other to the USB port
      delay(1000);  //wait for a second and run again!