Is old M5Stack stuff worth the trouble?

  • I bought a lot of M5Stack stuff probably around 2019 or so. I have sensors, sticks, cameras, cars, cables, etc. It dawned on me today, as I was charging my regular LiPo batteries, that some of the M5Stack things had batteries in it too. I opened up the bin that had my stuff in it and I think most of the batteries are very low. I am charging some (in a metal ammunition can, because I don't trust charging low LiPo batteries). I also don't trust LiPo batteries that have been recharged after being low. I see over the years, that a lot of people have asked about replacement batteries but I don't see anyone from M5 answering it. I feel that probably it would cost me just as much to replace batteries as buying new M5 stuff. And I'm not sure where to get replacements that fit. Am I right on this? I probably will just throw the stuff back in the bin and work on the other ESP32 boards I have. Take care everyone. P.S, One thing that did work without recharging was my blue M5 camera. I recharged that a little too, but go figure. P.S.S. What's the best way, without writing a program, to measure the battery voltage? Are the plus and minus wires in the Grove connector equal to the battery voltage when it is turned off? I am measuring 3.8 V on the camera on those pins, so it seems like it could be the battery voltage.

  • M5Stack controllers are all still supported and while batteries do die if not looked after (I have a few that need replacing) the batteries are noting special and can be found for a few dollars/pounds.

    Unfortunately Battery monitoring was only added to later models and the grove connector is NOT connected to the battery as it runs at 5V through a boost circuit. without writing a program the best way to check battery voltage is to open up the device and test the battery voltage with a multimeter.