Semi professional software development

  • Hi *,

    I've evaluated the m5stack core and core2 hardware, it's an awesome piece of hardware. I would be great for my projects, but the documentation of the software is a nightmare! Especially the documentation of the software for GUI programming.
    Before I found the document "UIFLow Reference" by Adam Bryant, I played around with UIFlow and "reengineered" the API of the UIFlow UI library. It's a bit better with the document, but working like this is pretty damn 1980.
    I then stupidly tried UIFlow2, all UI calls look different there. And unfortunately I couldn't find any real API documentation for it.
    I would actually stay with UIFLow1 now, but the future is probably UIFLow2. Besides, the loader of UIFlow2 is much better. And the UI-Bulider of the UIFlow IDE is more powerful. But without documentation ...
    And all this is not part of microPython.

    I now have a whole lot of questions:

    • Will an M5Stack UIFlow APIs be part of the microPython distribution at all? And if "yes" which?
    • There is probably a port of the LVGL library for the Core2. But which part of the software is ported and in which Python package is it hidden? And can it be used on the Core too?

    To summarize, what it the future of UI Programming using microPython on the M5Stack Core and Core2?

    The next question is about the choice of IDE.

    • You could of course use VisualCode, but in the lab I only have simple laptops and VisualCode is just no fun there, the laptops are too old ...
    • Mu would suffice, but unfortunately I can't get Mu to connect to the core. Probably something is missing to specify the correct tty connection, but what?
    • I've also looked at Thonny, but it's not really useful if you're serious about developing software in Python. On my development computer I normally use PyCharm.

    Is there anyone else doing semi professional software development for M5Stack and what are your solutions recommendations?


  • Thank you for checking out my work in progress book on UIFLow1, Uiflow 2's version is on its way but hampered by bugs and issues.
    One of the big changes in documents is the listing of API's, its taking me ages to find and log them.
    The UIFlow2 API's are just additions built on micropython as with UIFlow.

    There are a lot of users using VScode to program M5Stack devices but that beyond me until I can finish the Micropython/UIFlow docs.
    I found MU way to simple but I use Thonny for most work outside of UIFlow.