Where can I find examples of using UART module in UIFlow?

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    0_1709551989520_da169cec-8dae-4fdb-8fd5-671dcf1aaaaa-image.png It looks like the bad thing is from AXP2101 power chip, all the PORTs were set to 5V? Please, any idea of how to lower voltage to 3.3V.
    I will also find a multimeter to give a test.

    on your graphic USB-C is not PORT C (blue) - unfortunately it is drawn in blue - but this is USB port which you are connecting your Laptop /pc to M5Stack

    in general on Ports A/B/C wires blk/red are power pins with gnd/5v on them where other two pins wht/yellow are data/sensor pins with 3.3v expected

  • Thanks all friends! I finally figure it out.
    I think it is still related to AXP2101. When I keep the USB-C connected and use PORT C to communicate, it works. When plug off the USB-C, PORT C UART port just never send and receive data. I think it is because the USB-C supply power to the PORT C, not the inside battery. I will try to figure out how to let the battery to give power to PORT C.

  • Hello @zhoubinx

    I am glad to hear you got it working (at least with USB-C power).

    BTW: My M5CoreS3 (running UIFlow2 firmware) provides power to all Groove ports (A/B/C) in both cases: running from USB-C or battery.

    In your hardware setup, what do you need the 5 V of the Groove port for? If you have a multimeter it should be relatively easy to verify 5 V being present or not.


  • Hi guys

    I've created an UIFlow2 example (M5CoreS3_Ext_Usb_Power_UIFlow2.0.1) showcasing switching ext. power output (Groove port) and USB power output. You can find it in the UIFlow2 Play Zone.


  • Thanks Felix! I will study your new example.