Dial Documentation

  • Hello I am new to this, I struggle to find documentation. For instance in the example there is code like #include "M5Dial.h"
    M5Canvas img(&M5Dial.Display);

    void setup() {
    auto cfg = M5.config();
    M5Dial.begin(cfg, true, true);
    M5Dial.Rtc.setDateTime( { { 2023, 10, 25 }, { 15, 56, 56 } } );

    I can guess and see what is does but where do I find de documentation of the methods and the arguments of for example M5Dial.rtc. the meaning of the arguments of img.createSprite. Reconstructing the documentation by scouting all the examples is a tedious process, is there a better way? Thanks Etienne

  • @etiennedursel sorry, I haven’t written them yet as been busy on the coreS3 docs and creating project template for UIflow2

  • @ajb2k3 I see that the link to the M5Stack api in-depth technical pages:
    is now not available for ANY M5Stack products, it automatically re-directs to the docs pages:
    Which is less technical.
    Why did they DO this?
    The API pages were invaluable.
    You can sneak in through:
    https://docs.m5stack.com/en/api/core/system to see the Core system, and navigate around inside and see all of the older products, but no S3 based products, certainly no Dial or Cardputer.
    What gives?

  • @teastain I don't have the slightest idea.
    All I know is that the S3 / ESP-IDF api's are still in flux.