Atom S3 Lite not working with PWM Kit

  • Hi there, I have an Atom Lite shipped with the PWM Kit and this is working well for a while. I use the Pin 22 for controlling the output and I use the UIFlow to program the device. Because of the missing support of BLE with UIFlow and the missing support for UIFlow2, I want to start the same thing with an Atom S3 Lite. It´s marked as compatible and I use the Pin 5 for controlling the output. BUT I can just use an single step flow to just init PWM with 50% duty cycle and it´s just flickering for short and nothing more.

    What did I wrong?

    If I use the same Atom S3 Lite with this software to directly control an FAN with PWM input, everything worked well.

    Btw .. I tested this on two different Atom S3 Lite and two different PWM Kit with the same behavior. But with an Atom S3 and the same flow, it worked fine.

  • Just to make clear .. the following code is only working with the Atome S3 and NOT with the Atom S3 Lite. Both in combination with the PWM Kit.

    import os, sys, io
    import M5
    from M5 import *
    from hardware import *
    pwm5 = None
    def setup():
    global pwm5

    pwm5 = PWM(Pin(5), freq=20000, duty=512)

    def loop():
    global pwm5
    if __ name__ == '__ main__':
    while True:
    except (Exception, KeyboardInterrupt) as e:
    from utility import print_error_msg
    except ImportError:
    print("please update to latest firmware")

  • I tried now several devices and something is special with this combination. Sometimes it´s working for several seconds and then there seems to be a power cycle and it´s starting again. But Atom S3 Lite + PWM Kit never works well for a while. Super frustrating .. nobody else with this behavior?

  • One more try .. I connected only the PWM pin 5 from the Atom with the PWM kit and powered the Atom via USB with no output. But from the layout it should be enough to have only the PWM signal?

    And one more thing. If I power the Atom S3 via an USB cable it´s working. Can this be an powering issue?

    If sombody want´s to test it .. .. Atom S3 Lite on PWM kit