M5Dial UiFlow 2.0.1 RFID scanning issue

  • I'm testing out rfid scan feature on M5Dial. I have the blockly code as in the screenshot attached. When I run the code, the very first rfid card scan works fine in reading the content of the card. Recurring rfid card scan takes either 20-50 seconds or just don't get scanned.
    And every now and then I get ETIMEDOUT error. I tried a while loop to look for a RFID card presence before reading from address 4. Seems to have helped with timeout error but still seeing significant delays beyond the first scan. Appreciate any help.

    Note: The factory default program for M5Dial RFID works very well in scanning UID and displaying without any delays.
    I have almost identical code for M5Stick Plus with RFID module attached. I didn't have this issue.


  • Hello @kumsat

    try adding a rfid close block when you are done reading from addr. E.g. before the 200 ms delay.


  • @felmue That seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for your help.