Where is the M5 Python Library Doccumentation?

  • I've been looking into getting an M5 to make a watering irrigation system for my Vegetable Growing this year and posting a blog post about it.

    I am a Developer by trade and program in Python and Go.

    I searched for the M5 Python Library documentation and only found this GitHub. https://github.com/m5stack

    I also downloaded the VSCode Extension, but when I did, from m5stack import * Python did not know about it.

    I also tried this pip install m5stack, but that did not work. I then went to https://pypi.org/ to find the Python Library documentation, but it came up blank.

    I want to buy this product: "M5Stack Watering Unit with Moisture Sensor and Pump", and program it for my needs.

    My main question is, where is the Documentation, and how on earth do I program that device using Python? Or MicroPython?

  • The documentation is slow going as I have a day job.
    Work in progress copies are posted to the Facebook page or my GITHUB repository

    What's is your blog