My project was unpublished from M5Burner?

  • Someone told me that they could no longer see my firmware in M5Burner. When I logged in, I saw that many, but not all, of my firmware had been marked unpublished but not deleted. Any idea why?
    ![alt text](image url0_1708527128770_nemo-unpublished.png )

  • Too many problems are occurring with erasing Nemo from M5Stack devices that it has been removed until the issue is fixed.

  • I saw the other thread where it's mentioned G0 is being pulled high. I am not doing anything special, using the M5Stack-supplied arduino IDE libraries (and some additional ones for functionality), but nothing that would be interfering with GPIO. I have only on very rare occasion had to short pin G0 (via the m5stick headers or the G0 button on the cardputer) to get it out of a strange state.

    If someone could give me some pointers on what the likely cause is, I can address it.

  • What ever its doing, Its blocking the UART port from firmware writing.

    Does Nemo do UART Writes?
    Can you share a link to your source?