Atom LED and serial port (not USB) on Atom Switch Kit with M5Unified

  • I don't know where to find good documentation on the M5Unified Arduino code to find what function calls are needed. I have an atom switch kit. I am trying to write code with the new M5Unified but I don't know how to set the LED color. The sample code I have is this sample code but the LED code does not work in M5Unified.

    Does the Atom serial port connected to the RS485 chip in the Atom Switch Kit and other Atom RS485 boards have a FIFO or is it all software bit banged on the Atom Lite (RX G33 & TX G23) and AtomS3 (RX G8 & TX G7)?

  • Hello @LukeS

    I don't think the RGB LED has been integrated into M5Unified library for M5AtomLite. Even for M5AtomS3 the code for the RGB LED is kind of outside M5Unified library, e.g. in utility/LedDisplay.c.

    All I can find in M5Unified is the GPIO definition for the RGB LED for different M5Stack devices. However I don't think they are used.

    For M5AtomLite the RGB LED GPIO is (re-)defined and used from here.

    And for M5AtomS3 it is (re-)defined and used from here.