M5 stick cplus 1.1 won't connect

  • I am trying to to get my new m5 stick to connect to my pc so I can send code from UI flow IDE. I've installed every driver from github and the ftdi chip site. When plugged in it shows up in device manager as com3. When I open uiflow it let's me select the device and com 3 (the only one available) but when I try to download anything to it, it says disconnected. Please help!

  • download M5burner then install latest firmware in to your M5Stick+

  • When you press the erase button in M5Burner, hit the sticks reset button. Btw which stick?

  • Sorry that i left out so much information. M5 Stick C plus 1.1 on windows 10 64 bit. Im going to try M5 burner now, Thank you!

  • Thank you so much! I was able to flash an unofficial firmware to the device with M5burner successfully! I had to lower the baud rate to 115200 for a successful flash. I'm still having issues connecting with UI flow but at least i have something to work with. Is there a way to lower the baud rate in UIFlow??

  • @bdtprez general rule is to keep controller firmware same as web uiflow version, so current web uiflow 2.0 is 2.0.1 and such firmware is available via M5Burner, Uiflow 2.0 has build in firmware manager too. (botom left hand side).

  • @bdtprez You need to burn UIFlow2 for the StickCplus NOT StickCplus2!

    If you burn any other firmware you will not get access to UIFlow.

    Keep trying changing the baud rate, I don't have win10 so I cant test and help any more.