How to revert default coreS3 setting after burning UIFLOW?

  • Hi,

    Now I am using coreS3 and burned following UIFLOW.


    But after burning above, I cannot revert default coreS3 setting.
    (I meant cannot burn follwoing coreS3 UserDemo)
    I guess coreS3 cannot achieve serial communication.
    Is there any way to revert?


    Thenk you.

  • (Normally) You switch it on, old the boot button, plug in a USB cable and release the boot button and after 5 seconds the green light on the bottom comes on, M5 burner will report that a device is detected and then you can ERASE and then burn.

  • Hi ajb2k3,

    Thank you for your kind reply.
    I can do it with following process as you said.

    • Plug in USB cable
    • Hold Boot button (RST button) on coreS3 for over 5seconds
    • LED turned to be green
    • Enable to burn coreS3 UserDemo with M5Burner !!!

    Thank you again.