How do you get the API key for an Atom S3 lite?

  • I click the configure button in the burner but the API key is not listed. This is my first time with the atom but Used the Core 2 and it always was there. Looked at the quick setup guide and the example picture that it shows doesn't have it listed either. Am I just stupid or blind?

  • can you load latest uiflow firmware to it?

  • The S3 series does not use an API code.
    You need to log into M5Burner with your forum ID and password and then during the erase and burn process you will be asked to bind the Atom S3 to your account.

    Once you agree and complete the burn process, load UIFlow2, log in (again using your forum username and password), Click on the device selector at the bottom of the screen and you will get a list of devices registered to your account.