Missing Power options in UIFlow 1.13.1 - Battery Module 13.2 (1500mAh)

  • Hello,

    First time posting on the site, had my m5stack for a few days now just hacking away on it.

    Can I ask about power option within Blockly?

    accoding to this


    i should see 0_1706387193129_Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 20.26.17.png

    but what i have is

    0_1706387211016_Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 20.23.24.png

    I have got the m5stack Battery Module 13.2 (1500mAh)

    for the project i am building ( and i am assuming most projects what / need this information )

    i tried the search, if i have missed a post about it please send me to it.

  • Hello @dFAD3R

    the power options are different for M5Stack (Core) and M5Core2 (Core2) as they use different power management controller. The documentation you mentioned above is for M5Stack and the UIFlow screenshot is for M5Core2.


  • ok cool, yes i have a m5stack core 2.

    does that have documentation and examples?

    do i need to use uiflow 2.0? because i cant get that to work at all.

  • Hello @dFAD3R

    I don't think there is specific documentation regarding the Power blocks for M5Core2. On the other hand, most (if not all of them), should be self explaining.

    Whether you use UIFlow1 or UIFlow2 is up to you. UIFlow1 has more modules and units support, whereas UIFlow2 seems to be the future. (That said, I have no idea about M5Stacks plans in that regard.)


  • guess i am a bit stuck then.

    i went and got the M5Stack M5GO Battery Bottom2 as well in a hope that i could get something to work.

  • Hello @dFAD3R

    have you tried the available power blocks? What is it you hope to achieve?