UIFlow HID BLE Keyboard

  • I have a project that I am using a M5Stack Core2 that I am reading in some values, then when I press a button I would like to send that value to excel via Bluetooth. I previously had a rough solution using a ESP32 Dev Kit without a screen via Arduino IDE coding and the library from T-vK/ESP32-BLE-Keyboard.

    It was mimicking a HID "keyboard" sending the measurement values as key strokes when excel was open. I am using an Ipad (IOS). Is there a way to do this using the UIFlow blocky/python, as the programming for the screen and such is very easy. I just am not aware of how or if there is such a thing as "libraries"? Any direction would be great!!

  • Maybe that will help. It works with T-vK/ESP32-BLE-Keyboard.
    You can also include your own code blocks in UIFlow blocky/python.