Newbie Question Re downloading

  • Apologies for a very basic question, Im a newbie and dont seem to find an answer on any previous posts.
    Ive got a M5GO (but same on ATOMU), I can create projects, run them and they all communicate fine, Im using MQTT and my homeassistant gets the messages fine.
    This is fine if I "run" the programme, I can connect wirelessly to the device and each time I run, works fine and updates the device. When I want to deploy the device, "on a restart I want it to run the programme Ive developed" , I presume I choose "download" ?
    If I do this (can do this wirelessly fine), I then cant reconnect to the device from, I have to connect via m5burner and burn the image again.
    Any help really appreciated

  • think that after download it loses uiflow cloud connection, should be still accesible via usb?

  • When you download a program to run of a device the device runs the program not UIFlow connect. To reconnect to UIFlow you need to reset the boot option using the device configure in M5Burner