Can some 1 help me with the code?

  • Hello folks, I am currently working on a project where I want to transmit the temperature over the LoRa network.

    I use an M5stickC plus and a Lorawan868 module with a MeterISO(K) module, all from m5stack.

    I can send a message via the LoraWan network that is not the problem.
    the problem is that i don't know how to use the MeterISO(K) because it also needs a grove plug and I only have 1 on the M5stickC plus. So I want to use the pins that are located at the top of the M5stickC plus.

    how can I apply I2C to the top pins? And what code do I need for this?

    This is what I got

    I want to write everything in micropython but I really need your help.
    As you can see, I'm not really a programmer and still a learner.
    I hope someone can help me because I'm really desperate

  • @thijsnl You need a grove to Dupont cable to connect the MeterISo to the pins and then in UIFlow, you change the port to custom and then set the pins in the dropdown box that appears when you select the unit.0_1704531375728_Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 08.55.24.png

  • thank you for your response. awesome for your help!

    but i found the problem.
    I have an older one
    software version of M5StickC+ installed there. and every time I want to do a code update I first have to do a new burn of the software on the M5stickC+.

    Otherwise I keep getting an I2C error (110)

    but this is not the solution. Do you/anyone have an idea why this is? and how I can solve this

  • latest version of M5stickC + software also works, yet the problem persists that new software has to be installed every time before I upload the code

    Used code:


  • Solved

  • how did you solve it?

  • If an I2C error occurs, I use M5Burner and then burn new software on it. the I2C error code only appears if you have the M5 stick in USB mode. If you have the M5stick in App mode, it does not happen. probably it is in the COM port that is active.