M5Dial: terrible user experience for beginner to get started

  • Hey there,
    new to M5 and this forum. Just received My M5Dial and puzzeled by all the hurdles to take before I can run my first programm. Downloaded UIFLow2, the driver and the burner. Was able to burn UIFlow to the M5Dial but not succesfull running my own Program.
    The marketing got me thinking that should be very easy to get up and running but I must say my experience has been quite disapointing so far...!
    A getting started tutorial should be the minimum but I could not find any so far...
    ![alt text](0_1704298635021_M5Dial.jpg image url)
    This is how it looks right now...any help appreciated!

  • If you managed to burn the software then M5Burner should have asked you to register an account or log into your account. once you log in on M5Burner, the device is registered to your account and accessible via UIFlow2.

  • @coconut Sorry I beg to differ. This is a marvellous product with all the bells and whistles. It's brand-new, so there aren't many examples around yet. Just treat it as a StampS3 with some extra features.
    Personally I prefer using the Arduino programming environment.
    The UI-flow in itself takes getting used to. Not everyones kettle of fish. Best to try it with a core2 first.

  • Just received my M5Dial few days ago...late christmas gift to myself...
    there are 2 easyloader projects available,
    also if you look in to arduino examples (with latest M5 board manager) there are few built in simple projects too,
    I've used uiflow2 burner to load firmware which went in it no problem, then loaded some arduino examples ok, then suddenly uiflow2 lost ability to connect, m5burnerv3 couldn't connect too,
    finally managed to use uiflow2 burner again with back button press to load latest firmware alpha29, bizarre as previous uiflow2 burner loading alpha28 didn't required back button press at all.
    M5Dial makes very interesting device. Journey started. Check X (twitter) for #M5dial tweets - there is one example showing space station tracker and some doing earth rotations/moon phases...earth rotation one looks like its 3d display...