AtomS3 0.85" OLED unable to wake from buttom

  • Recently tried using the AtomS3 with 0.85" OLED for a CAN-bus project and it seems like a missed opportunity to not have the (only) button under OLED connected to a pin that support waking up the ESP.

    Is there an easy workaround for this?

    I would also have to find a way to put the isolated CAN bus base to sleep to make this project viable with M5Stack products so I guess odds are I'll have to make my own, but I would be nice if new products were designed with deep sleep and power saving in mind.

  • @notsonominal G41 is the input from the button into your program.
    You can read that button and do whatever your program needs, even transfer the input directly to an output.

  • @teastain but G41 isnt supported as a wake-up pin from deep sleep - when the AtomS3 has a ton of free pins this seems like something that could be adressed in a future revision to make the product more usable.