AtomS3 Lite, sloppy publish?

  • Hi,
    There is something seriously wrong in Atom S3 Lite documentation and examples. Intern as product owner?
    There just short list of problems:
    At Lite

    • Schema is missing. Only pinout is shown under topic "Schematic. (same problem in S3 page)
    • Link to arduino example is dead
    • Video is Russian at English page (may explain why so many thing is messed up if russians was involved to this product).

    At library

    • ButtonA wont work
    • G41 is not defined

    This is just things where I hit in one day use.

  • Hello @burner

    I do not have an M5AtomS3 Lite. But I tried the button example with an M5AtomS3 (which uses the same GPIO41 for the button) and it works for me. Care to share the code you tried where BtnA did not work?