M5Paper online PNG icons problem(s)

  • I have writen a sketch which gets JSON data from Open Weather Maps and displays it on my M5Paper device. I have included an icon for the weather which is obtained from https://openweathermap.org/img/wn/10d@2x.png with 10d replaced by the icon id for present weather conditions.

    My first issue is that it takes literally minutes for the icon to actually appear, a long time after the other info has been displayed. Is this usual?

    My second issue, possibly related to the first, is that when the M5Paper isn't connected to an external usb power source the icon simply never appears at all. All other data appears and is refreshed after a shutdown interval, but the icon never appears at all. What could be the cause?

  • @steve1 yes the delay is normal as it takes time for the image request to be sent to the host and the host to send the image to the paper. This happens when requesting images from all devices in the M5 range