WiFi AP Connectivity UIFlow V2.0.0

  • Hello,

    I am creating an app on a Core 2 device which requires Internet connectivity and using UIFlow V2.0.0 (Aplha-28). I cannot figure out how to connect to my WiFi network. In older versions of UIFlow, there apparently were "Network" functions, which had a connect to WiFi function. In Alpha-28, there are "WLAN AP" functions however, I have tried setting SSID and password, followed by "INIT WLAN AP" and I cannot seem to successfully compile and get my program working. I must be doing something incorrectly.

    Are there documents, tutorials and/or samples for UIFlow 2.0.0? Would I be better off using Arduino tools and direct coding?

    Thank you

  • You should init the WLAN AP first, then connect.

    But I am having a similar problem. When connected via USB, everything works great. When I run the same program without USB connected, I get a wifi oserror, and attempts to have my StickC+ talk to my desktop via MQTT don't work at all. It won't even load the Widgets to set screen parameters on the StickC+. It's like the Wifi connection is only allowed to work for UIflow??

  • @bergkatse Thank you for your reply, it sent me in the right direction. I will admit, this platform does not have the best documentation. Items such as this require hit-and-miss troubleshooting. I have experienced strange initialization issues with other sensors and simply moving the block of initialization code resolved the issue.

    I was able to get around WiFi INIT issue based on your suggestion however, I am unable to connect to my WiFi network. I'll keep trying and if I'm successful, I'll try connecting while not connected to USB to see if I experience the same issue as you are having.

    Thank you

  • @bergkatse I managed to resolve some of the issues that I was having and, implemented MQTT into my Core 2 monitoring. I stuck with UIFlow for this initial application to see how capable it was. It's not too bad however, I believe I will move to the Arduino IDE for more control. Here is the M5Stack Core 2 app that I created for your reference:


    I'm note sure if I implemented the WLAN functionality properly however, it works under all conditions. For example, if I exit the area of WiFi coverage, the connection resumes when I get back into range.

    Thank you