M5 Stack Dial Fail buning

  • Hello

    After I try configuring the wi-fi with the m5 burning tool I lost all the M5 Stack Dial Demo But the wi-fi is configured ...

    I try again burn the M5 Stack Dial Available in the M5Stck burn Application But I'm facing this error msg ...


    Can anyone please help me in order to get the M5 Stack Dial Demo Again installed in this device?

    Thank you

  • Hello @MiAutomations

    M5Dial contains an M5StampS3 which can be forced into download mode via button. See documentation here.

    To enter the download mode, press the G0 button on StampS3 at boot time.

    BTW: UIFlow2 firmware is not the M5 Stack Dial Demo which was pre-installed on M5Dial.

    You can find the M5Dial demo code here.