Authentication Problems When Integrating M5Stack with Google Cloud Platform Services

  • Hello, M5Stack community,

    I'm currently encountering some persistent authentication issues while attempting to integrate my M5Stack device with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I've been following the documentation diligently, but I'm facing hurdles specifically related to authentication. I've provided comprehensive details of the issue below:

    Issue Overview:
    I'm in the midst of a project that requires connecting my M5Stack device to various services on the Google Cloud Platform. Unfortunately, the primary obstacle is related to authentication, as I'm encountering continuous authentication errors when establishing a connection between the M5Stack and GCP.
    The specific error message I keep encountering is as follows:

    Insert the exact error message you receive here.

    I would sincerely appreciate any guidance, insights, or potential solutions to help resolve this authentication issue and facilitate a successful connection between my M5Stack and the Google Cloud Platform. Your support and expertise are invaluable as I endeavor to advance my project.

    Thank you all in advance for your help and expertise!

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