Cat Door 2.0

  • Hi

    I was looking for automatic cat door, but with a real door. Then I saw the M5Stack Shop and decided to try it by myself…

    Thats the result from my first project with M5-Stuff and UiFlow! Not yet looking good. But first it has to work for a few days before I fix all the cables.

    The door opens only about 15cm! Not like the picture. And stays open for 15 seconds. With a led stripe as a countdown/up



    Here as a video

    Core2 with DinBase and a 12V power adapter
    1 PaHub ( next to the Core)
    1 PbHub ( next to the Core)
    2 Pir Units ( 1 inside and 1 outside with a pipe around for smaller angles)
    2 Limit Units (1 on the open door and 1 above left)
    1 TOF Unit (1 on the sliding triangle)
    1 DayLight Unit (behind the robe for the brightness)
    1 Ultra Sonic ( upper left)
    2 x 360° servos
    1 Groove Hub
    1 Led Stripe (just for fun)
    1SD Card for Door-Status-Logfiles
    Some lego bricks and gears
    And a lot of cables

    And of corse some home working materials

    We got 2 chipped cats. The already ordered Rfid Units works at 13 Hz not at 134.2 for the cats. So I cant „read“ which cat is inside. They leave on the right. I planned to make a tunnel with 1 unit at the entrance and 1 at the exit. With the ID and the timestamp I can see hows in or out. If someone knows how to realize that, please tell me!

    Important for me:
    The door will be still usable as normal!
    No Movement when the door is locked, because of damage.

    Thanks for that forum!