Best Approach to Connect Multiple HX711s?

  • Hi. I'm looking to connect five different HX711s to any m5stack esp32 (preferably small and cheap), but I read in the documentation that the Pb.Hub doesn't support hx711s. Is this true on the latest v1.1 iteration as well? Does anyone have any other ideas?

  • @arealguru Speaking personally, I feel that the PbHub is still not a finished product because it cannot pass two digital signals, only one In and 1 Out, not the digital signals of the HX711.
    Myself, if there was a need to read 5 digital sensors I would (and did in the 80's) build a multiplexer from three CMOS 4066 quad bilateral switches, that are digital, analog and bi-directional.
    If you are a hobbyist it would be a surprisingly simple and fun project!