M5StickC on Arduino IoT Cloud get started gotcha

  • Following the get started steps for Arduino Cloud, I was able to upload to M5StickC, and all was going well except it appeared to be getting stuck on "Hard resetting via RTS pin...".

    Turning off and on appeared to make no difference, so I went back to burner flashed to Orange/Teal screen, upload again. Same. This time got stuck on Teal screen.

    In short, I think it was flashing correctly, but without anything on screen it is very hard to confirm state of device. I added a couple of Noddy lines to the boilerplate code – as per below – and ta-da.

    #include "thingProperties.h"
    #include <M5StickC.h>

    void setup() {


    // Your code here
    M5.Lcd.println("hello world"); // Print


    It just gives a heartbeat/health light style text as a visual clue of the device's state.

  • Are you compiling for the correct stickC?

  • Yes, M5StickC (non-Plus).

    With the changes above it has been perfectly robust. Happily turns on/off and stays connected to Arduino IoT Cloud.