Core firmware

  • I downloaded core2 firmware on the core and now the screen is off and I can't find the COM port. Can I reverse this process?

  • @leoagro Hi! I also wonder about this.
    Are you using Arduino IDE ? Do you have a Core 2 or Core?
    And if so...can you post a link to the firmware?

  • Have you burned the correct Core firmware as there is several different cores with different screens. A blank screen is often a sign of the wrong core firmware

  • Hi @leoagro,

    The M5Burner software can recover most things (we've all been there). I suggest start from the M5Stack website for your device to try bringing it back to basic functionality first i.e. take your Core back from Core2 firmware.

    If you still have trouble post back here with the environment you used to flash the firmware, recovery steps taken, etc.