ATOMS3 Screen Backlight → Want to Switch OFF

  • Hello Here,
    In order to only use my AtomS3 for a BLE application and connect it via USB-C to a small battery, I'd like to cut the backlight completely in order to save energy and tiny heat when long time ON, ∆ and also use an OTII-ARC tool to measure the consumption of my program and the AtomS3 in this BLE advertising mode,

    • without over-consumption due to the fact that the backlight is always ON - even if the pixels are black.
      I understand that the lcd is a N085-1212TBWIG06-C08 ; on the M5STICK and M5STICKplus I was able to cut the screen with the following code: (thanks community)

    *void turnOffScreen() {
    // try to turn off screen -
    // OK
    Wire1.write(0b01001011); // LDO2, aka OLED_VDD, off

    // not tested


    The reason I'm here is that this code doesn't work on the ATOMS3 and I haven't figured out how to do it yet.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance

    • Tyler

  • Hello @hugo-reed

    according to the M5AtomS3 documentation the backlight is connected to GPIO16. So setting that to LOW should turn it off. (Note: not tested)

    digitalWrite(16, LOW);

    Note: GPIO16 gets initialized and set to HIGH in function M5Display::begin().


  • Alternatively - using M5Unified you can also call:


    To wake it up again use: