atoms s3 problems

  • i have some confusion about the atoms3.

    after reading this from the manual
    "Reminder: If you need to burn the firmware, please press and hold the reset button (about 2 seconds) until the internal green LED lights up, then you can release it, at this time the device has entered download mode and waited for burning."

    sometimes i dont do this and it still flashes sometimes not why is it recommended to do this and what can go wrong if i dont hold the button down?

    another problem if in the arduino ide i select atoms3 when i connect the board it appears as a esp32c3 and sometimes even other random chips what's going on here?

    another odd thing is i have no abilty to control the led in any form with
    which from looking at the example "" it should work fine.

    has anybody else got these problems and could help?

  • Hello @tomtom22

    to you first question: it doesn't matter whether you press and hold the reset button to get the M5AtomS3 into download mode to burn firmware or let the automatic do it.

    The press and hold the reset button method is available in case the automatic download mode fails. This can happen if for instance the currently running firmware has an issue causing the device to constantly reset.

    I personally let the automatic download mode do its thing and only if that fails use the reset button method.