RFID 2 Unit timeout?

  • There doesnt seem to be a way to specify a read timeout for reading the UID or Data from a tag.

    This makes the read operation completely blocking. Is there something I am overlooking? I would need to to a tag search for a specified number of ms, and if no tag is found, continue on. The way it looks (at least in UIFLOW) you just send the read command, and it tries forever until it succeeds?

    If there is no timeout capability yet, please add it to the list of highly desired features. :)

  • Maybe there is a way to start a timer with a callback, and if the RFID operation has not finished (no tag found after xxx ms) is there a way to kill the command/request? That could be a workaround, but I dont know how to kill the ongoing rfid read/search in that case...

  • Okay, I see how "Card near" is intended to be used, as a tag search before trying to read. That helps a little - but if the tag is moving (as it would be in my application) it isnt a guarantee that the next read will be successful, so a timeout would really really really be helpful.

  • Any chance m5stack releases FW code for individual units like this one? I couldnt find any in github. I have a few decades of experience with RFID firmware, writing ISO15693 anti-collision algorithms, etc and could add some enhancements to it for multi-tag, EAC alarms, etc. (My previous username here was in fact ISO15693)

    Otherwise Im going to need to use non-m5stack rfid HW for my project I think.