M5STACK core ink 64bit Ubuntu RP 400

  • Hello everyone.

    Please help an absolute noob, here. I recently pop purchased an M5STACK Core Ink and a Raspberry pi 400.

    I installed 64bit Ubuntu using the Pi imager. I just have absolute no clue how to open an application.

    Nothing opens up for me. I double click and nothing happens. I just want to interact with my new Core Ink, but nothing's working for me.

    M5burner doesn't install or open. Uiflow is just as problematic. Tried online uiflow but it cannot find the device.

    I can't find the API key. And my core Ink just contains a wifi scanner but does nothing else. Can't choose to connect or do anything other than turn it on and off.

    Please help. I have spent 4 days looking online and I had no clue how something so simple can be this difficult.

  • How are you intending to use the Core Ink with the Pi? As a peripheral? I.e. sending data from the Pi to the Core Ink to display?

    Are you having issues clicking on PI apps, running ubuntu on the PI? That seems like the first thing to solve (since that has nothing to do with M5STack, and you would have to solve that before using anything with the Pi)

  • Why install Ubuntu on the RPI400 and not Raspbian?

  • @stubyourtoe Also... what kind of screen are you using with your raspberry Pi?
    Configuring Ubuntu to allow touch screen capabilities on the raspberry pi doesnt seem super obvious to me. I am assuming you followed some sort of installation guide with your screen for getting it to work with ubuntu?

  • First off you need to install the drivers and programs in order to begin development (this is called "Setting up the Development Environment")
    Once that is done then you launch M5Burner to write the UIFlow firmware to the CoreInk and only then can you begin connecting to UIFlow.

    Why isn't M5Burner working, what error messages are you getting?
    I don't have an RP400 and All my RPI4/CM4's are busy.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    I am intending to use it alongside Papirus so that I can use the M5 ink as if it were a micro kindle.

    I just wish to interact with the device. Flash it and whatnot.

    I am using a simple HDMI computer monitor as a display.

    Apparently, the burner only works on 64 but systems, and the Raspbian that came preinstalled was the 32bit version
    The app give me no error message. It does absolutely nothing when I try to open it. If I use the Ubuntu store, it will say "File type not supported"

    Other than this, it does zilch. I have no clue how to create the right environment. Many files were downloaded. Nothing.

    I can't install the driver, either, or interact with the M5 AT ALL. The M5 turns on, mocks me with a beep, displays the emblem, then it gives me 24-hour time format with a date.

    When I toggle up or down on the black switch on the right side, it displays wifi scan along with available wifi networks. Cool, but it does nothing else. I hit up or down again then goes back to the date and time. Fascinating.

  • M5Burner is made for 32 bit or 64bit X86 based system. Raspberry pi's use an arm based system and so M5Burner is not compatible.
    What you are seeing is the "Factory demo" that comes preinstalled.

    I set up My RPI4B to look into it and got distracted and so haven't got very far.