ExtPort for Core2, two DS18B20 and one Kmeter, pin problem

  • I have Core2 with Extport for Core2. I soldered A port to open connector as it's easier to use with mounting frame than using A connector in Core2. This A-port has Kmeter connected and works well. I have stonatm DS18B20 custom component (https://github.com/stonatm/UiFlow-custom-blocks/tree/master/ds18b20), that requires every DS to have separate pin. I have one DS18B20 connected to Port C, using pin 13 (default).

    Now, the problem is, which port to use for second DS18B20? A-port is used for Kmeter. ESP32 reserves pin 34-39 for "input only" and if I try to use port B, D or E, Core2 gives error on screen. Is it possible to set dip switches in a such manner, that those previously mentioned ports can be used? Or use B port and rewire DS18B20 connector by swapping pins 1 and 2 in Grove-connector, as then pins 26 and 36 will are swapped in port B. Will it work?

    If there's working DS18B20 custom component that allow multiple sensors in single line, can someone link to it, it will work in this use case too.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I did rewiring for DS-sensor grove-connector, works perfectly and was easiest.