MQTT working ....mostly

  • Hi,
    I've got my MQTT app running and it gets 3 temperatures and displays them all on the screen, each time one of the temp's updates it flashes a neopixel LED for 300mS and changes the colour of a circle on the screen to Green or white, this is to indicate a message update.
    I thought that the updates were not updating all the time so I added a counter at the bottom of the screen that incremented by 1 for each hot water temp message received, this always seems to stop incrementing at 7 messages (7 x 2 min cycle time = 14Min's).
    It seems that the code is crashing after 14 min's or something else is happening that stops the updates, I know the messages are still being sent as I have other monitors watching the same data.
    alt text
    alt text