Core2 mystery abort() - how to debug?

  • Hello,
    I've been working on porting a data collection / IoT application from ESP32 to M5Stack Core2 using C++, PlatformIO and Arduino framework. The high level stuff is the same but I am slowly replacing some of the low level hardware dependent code.
    I have a mystery abort() and reboot and I can't find where it's happening. At the moment I have been writing in lots of println and printf, but that can only go so far. I read on the PlatformIO site that PlatformIO debug environment won't work on Core2 because one of the JTAG pins is used for the LCD. There is a hack, but I would prefer something simpler as a first approach.
    Any suggestions where I can find out what source lines correspond to the PC address and backtrace?
    Thanks in advance.

    millis=631 In Context::set_state, State* is 3ffbb8d4 and calling entry_action().
    millis=638, In InitReadingState::entry_action(), entered state InitReadingState 3ffbb8d4.   
    millis=646 In Context::set_state, State* is 3ffbb8d4 and returning from entry_action().     
    abort() was called at PC 0x401f81cf on core 1
    Backtrace: 0x4008390d:0x3ffd0f60 0x40095ee1:0x3ffd0f80 0x4009b979:0x3ffd0fa0 0x401f81cf:0x3ffd1020 0x401f8216:0x3ffd1040 0x401f8177:0x3ffd1060 0x401f954b:0x3ffd1080 0x400d62ea:0x3ffd10a0 0x400d6310:0x3ffd10c0 0x40214cbe:0x3ffd10e0 0x400d38fd:0x3ffd1100 0x400d64b7:0x3ffd1130 0fd1020 0x401f8216:0x3ffd1040 0x401f8177:0x3ffd1060 0x401f954b:0x3ffdx400d703a:0x3ffd1150 0x400ed671:0x3ffd1170                                                   0x400d64b7:0x3ffd1130 0x400d703a:0x3ffd1150 0x400ed671:0x3ffd1170

  • Hello @LBertrand

    maybe the info in this post will help.


  • We need more info along with the code in order to help. Looks like a memory issue but no idea

  • @felmue That was helpful, thanks!
    I added this to my platformio.ini:

    build_type = debug
    monitor_filters =
      default  ; Remove typical terminal control codes from input
      esp32_exception_decoder  ; Decode the backtrace